Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Not Shopping til I Drop" 65 Days Challenge : Day 26

Sales! Sales! Sales! That's all I'm hearing every where I go! Sales are pretty awesome, right? Especially when you can get some thing you've been meaning to try or have for a while now! Well something I've noticed while chit chatting with a friend of mine was how fast I was to pull out my money when I heard that word Sale! I never cared enough to check if it really was a sale that was WORTH splurging on. So while in this challenge of not being able to buy anything I have come across many great discounts and opportunities to buy some awesome stuff but couldn't!*sad face* but since I can not just whip out the cash I am forced to do something else. That something else is meditating on how much the sale really has... Its crazy but I actually have been able to tell myself even if I had not been in this challenge I think I would've still said NO! Crazy huh? I would've said NO! Usually I wouldn't even care and just been like hey its a sale! *haha* This challenge is definitely hurting my heart because they're some things that are SOO worth the sale; but I look at the bright side of things & I am saving a LOAD of money!! :) & I know I will finish a different, stronger and smarter spender!
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