Thursday, November 3, 2011

StellaStarish Cosmetics

I first came across StellaStarish Cosmetics when I entered a makeup contest she was sponsoring which I luckily one!! I was able to try some of her babies and completely fell in love! Stella the owner is such a humble and helping person. I then decided to follow her fan page daily where she has tons of fun going on! I decided to buy some of her pigments to use as prizes for my scavenger hunts & she was a total doll DOUBLING my order that night, where I was able to have some pretties for myself. She answers questions right away and is always there when you need any information. Now on to her goodies:

All her boxes are hand stamped with gold stars
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 She includes a card with all her ingredients and instruction on which are not lip safe; also a complementary bracelet with a star. I LOVE IT!
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 All her pigments come wrapped in star designed tissue paper
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The STARdusts
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Left Pigments are Dry, Right Pigments are on NYX Jumbo "MILK" Pencil
Pigments in order from left to right
1. Pegasus: Baby pink with lots of shimmer
2. Mercury: Dark silver with a metallic look & lots of shimmer
3. Twinkle Twinkle: shimmery Yellow
4. Orion: Shimmery blue with hints of purple
5. Lila's Light Year: Pearly whites packed with shimmer of all colors (pink, silvers blues, oranges greens, golds, purples)
6. Scorpio: ruby red with gold shimmers
7. Kryptonite: shimmery lime green
*All colors are very rich in color without the MILK pencil, but if you do add it, it really gives it a POP and more creamy look.

More Pictures
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All pigments come with their own special & unique design for each name of the shadow! HOW CUTE, RIGHT?
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Makeup Looks I've done using StellaStarish
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This is one of my favorite indie companies and I can't wait to own everything Stella makes. Her colors are mind blowing, her customer service is fantastic, the colors blend so well, ALL these qualities are all I need to make me happy! These are definitely on my Christmas list & should be in yours!

Have you bought StellaStarish Cosmetics? If so what are your favorite colors? If not what are you dying to try? =)


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  1. Omgosh... I love everthing <3 excited about my package now <3