Sunday, September 18, 2011

Alexeter Minerals

Alexeter Minerals is a new Canadian company offering cosmetics. The owner Jen is someone who is very easy to reach and very nice at the same time. I was very lucky to win these two eye-shadows in a contest held by one of the makeup pages. Jen was nice enough to sponsor that contest and therefore I won these two beautiful eye-shadows that are part of their "Princess Collection." Below are the swatches, done over Urban Decay Primer Potion.
All jars come with a label on top with the company logo & a label on bottom with the name of the pigment.
All her jars have sifters... so just I love this since I'm soo clumsy! haha

Princess Toad- A very shimmery light green. Being that green is my favorite color, I was blown away at how beautiful this color is.
Princess Cupcake- PINK! A very nice pink, full of shimmer.

As you can all see these pigments are true to color! The same color you see in the jar, you see on your skin. & I absolutely LOVE that. (The green looks a little bright in the jar because of my camera...SORRY)
Overall, I would COMPLETELY recommend you all to order from Jen. Not only are her pigments beautiful but her service to her customers is impeccable. She responds right away & answers any of your questions.

Her website is very easy to navigate and order from!

5 out of 5: Def would buy more pigments!
Where to Find them:


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