Friday, September 2, 2011

Makeup, Makeup, & More Makeup

Hey dolls & guys!

Hope you are all having a wonderful night! I will be starting these blogs from now on. I will be blogging about tons of stuff: makeup, hauls, reviews, beauty etc.

As you can see by my title I wanted to focus my first blog on what I've been doing lately a lot which is makeup! My love for makeup started at age 17 when my really close friends Alyssa, Lauren & their mom Annie (who's like my mom) started introducing me to makeup! Since then I started buying tons of stuff! But hardly ever use it... haha! But now I promise I will because I want to become a promoter for a couple of make-up companies. Hence, I started my own fan page on Facebook [] Feel free to check it out & my YouTube channel []

Just a few pictures of things I have purchased in the last few days! I will be blogging and posting on them individually soon! c[=
From Sephora

From Urban Decay's Sale

Pretty Addictions Eye Shadow Samples 

 Simply Just Minerals Cosmetics Eye Shadow Samples 

 Unique Style's Boutique Pigments

Alexeter Minerals Makeup Eye Shadows 


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